Hello internet world, it’s me, Brittney.

So I stared this blog in hopes of connecting with people. Specifically other women, mothers, students etc. I thought that I had all of these great ideas on what to write or say. But the minute I launched this…which seems like forever ago…I totally BLANKED.
What am I doing? Why do I honestly believe these people care to read what I say?

I have no idea.

I’m just another mom doing the mom things. Trying my hardest to keep my head on straight (it’s got a slight curve to the left these days from co-sleeping).

That’s another thing, there are so many shamers out there and I DO NOT take lightly to criticism. So I like co-sleeping, and I don’t feed my kid a 100% organic diet, and I let him be a toddler..NEWS FLASH! That doesn’t make me a terrible mom.

Anyways…what I really want to get across to people is that going to school and having a family is hard. But SO WORTH IT. My little guy is my best cheerleader. He’s my driving force. I didn’t give a rats ass about school before he came along. Now, I just want to do well for him. And when the days get rough..

I think about graduation day and him running into a giant hug and telling me he loves me. (I cry every time I think about it)

Life is funny and so are emotions.


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