The End is Near

Last week was my first week back to school after a long and weird winter break. Sam was sick for the majority of it with what the doctors are now thinking is an upper respiratory infection. His cough still hasn’t gone away and it’s been a month. I think it’s about time to see a specialist. In a way, it was a blessing that he was down and out for most of the time. It forced me to live much slower and actually sit down and relax along side him. I miss it a lot actually. He is by far the sweetest human being I’ve ever known.

Aside from Sam being sick, I got to see my best girlfriends. We are all in some form of school so breaks are our time to get together, drink wine and gossip (which we did a lot of). I also realized the importance of connecting with friends and having “me time” but more on that another time.

For the next 4ish months I will be my usual busy bee self…working, schooling, and momming. But after that! I will be graduating! This has been a long college road for me. Out of high school I started full-time at the local community college for a year. Then I decided that I wanted to move back to my hometown of Raleigh, NC and began nursing school. I was way too young, had no idea what I wanted in life, and the responsibility was a bit much for me. So, I moved in with my now fiancé, Davey, and began part-time classes at another community college while working full-time. I continued the part-time class thing for another year or so. I always knew that getting my degree was something I HAD to do for my family and myself (regardless of how long it took). I took only a semester off while I was pregnant with Sam.

When he was 6 weeks old I began full-time at Shenandoah University.

Little chunk, Sam, at 6 weeks old (swoon)!

It was time to push through and get it done. It has been all for him ever since. I want him to be proud of me and I want to provide for him. Looking back, 6 weeks is so little! But it’s what I had to do. I thought about waiting until he was a few months older but I knew that I would get stuck in a routine and going back to school would be much harder. Plus, the small local daycare here is amazing and the woman take amazing care of him (he’s still enrolled and loves it).So, cheers to my final semester of undergrad! Stay tuned cause I might go crazy and apply for grad schools!

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