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Pep Talk to Myself

How many times have you doubted your abilities to do something? How many times have you told yourself that you aren’t good enough to do something? What about when you finally start going for your dreams and half way through you get scared a stop. How many times do you look at other people on… Continue reading Pep Talk to Myself

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When life gives you lemons

Last week was one of the worst I’ve had in a long time. Not really in terms of events that happened but the mindset I carried. I took on a really heavy load at school this semester (17 credits) so that I can just be done and graduate in May (which will still happen). I… Continue reading When life gives you lemons

Random Thoughts · School

20 Thoughts Every Mom has in College

God damnit, it’s too early for this shit. I’m late as usual. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE Please, minivan, make it up this mountain. I should stop and get more coffee.. I bet all the kids at school are judging the fact that I’m driving a minivan. Some kids think I’m their age though…so that’s cool, right?… Continue reading 20 Thoughts Every Mom has in College