Random Thoughts · School

20 Thoughts Every Mom has in College


  1. God damnit, it’s too early for this shit.
  2. I’m late as usual.
  4. Please, minivan, make it up this mountain.
  5. I should stop and get more coffee..
  6. I bet all the kids at school are judging the fact that I’m driving a minivan.
  7. Some kids think I’m their age though…so that’s cool, right?
  8. All the girls here are like so skinny and have perky boobs and butts….just wait ’til you have kids honey.
  9. I’m so glad I found Davey when I was so young..what is up with these guys?
  10. I got dumber with age. Everyone knows so much more than me.
  11. Ah, yoga..I feel so much better about myself now.
  12. I’ll just make friends with the professors…or not..maybe just like one or two.
  13. Damnit! I forgot my lunch again.
  14. I wonder if Sam misses me as much as I miss him during the day.
  15. Whoa..we are both in school. Weird.
  16. I’m so glad that I made friends who are on the same level as me. We talk about recipes and shit.
  17. Check email (cause I’m important). “Subject: Beyonce is pregnant with twins” I WAS THE FIRST TO KNOW.
  18. What should I make for dinner? Eh, I think we still have cereal, that’ll work.
  20. All you bitches are jealous of my minivan. *peels out of parking lot blaring rap music* cause I’m a cool mom.
  21. Turns down music cause it’s giving me a head ache. Drives home in silence.
  22. This drive sucks! I hate all of you people.
  23. I should probably stop to get someting for dinner..oh, right, we have cereal.
  24. I’m finally home. I love being home.

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