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When life gives you lemons

Last week was one of the worst I’ve had in a long time. Not really in terms of events that happened but the mindset I carried. I took on a really heavy load at school this semester (17 credits) so that I can just be done and graduate in May (which will still happen). I also began work-study in the microbiology lab (which I LOVE and you can see HERE) and I am working 2 very part time jobs on the weekend. To say the least, MY LOAD IS HEAVY.

I am very strong willed and when I want something I will do pretty much anything to get it no matter what is in my way.

So far everything has been going great. Until last week. I hit this mental wall- I was questioning literally everything I have been doing. Is this too much for me? Do I really want to work in a lab when I graduate? Do I quit my jobs? Am I a good mom? You name it and I was questioning it. I quickly noticed that these thoughts were eating away at me and interfering more than my actual responsibilities. I was losing sleep and for NO REASON.

I decided that I was going to spend the weekend with my family. Saturday we went hiking and that is where I decided that I needed to give myself a break and just RELAX. I also set an intention to flip my perspective.

So, Sunday I woke up- still not 100% because I was worried about all of my school obligations. I was not being nice. I sent Davey out to grab some breakfast. It was just Sam and I. I turned on some music and we danced, we did some yoga, we too silly pictures, and we snuggled and laughed! After that I felt so much better and I could tell Sam did too!

So, today is Monday and I had a really crappy day but for every “bad” thing that happened to me I remembered the intention I set for myself and I flipped my perspective.

I ran late for class because I had to get gas- I have a car to get me from A to B and money to fill the tank. I AM THANKFUL. I forgot to do an assignment that was due by the time I got to class- I will just have to work harder to make up those points I lost. I AM THANKFUL. I have 2 exams this week- I am incredibly lucky to be receiving a college education. I AM THANKFUL. I didn’t give my all at yoga today- I have a practice that serves me. I AM THANKFUL.

For everything that I could complain about or let ruin my day, there are reasons why I should just be thankful for the opportunities and life lessons I am given.

So, I the moral of this story is no matter what life throws your way….Flip your perspective, dance when you’re feeling tired, do yoga when you need to focus or an energy boost, laugh with someone and I promise you’ll feel a bit lighter.

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