Random Thoughts


I am a procrastinator. If there were a company out there hiring for “driven employee with great procrastination skills”, I would be their best candidate. But I hate the feeling that I get when I actually sit down and crank out whatever it is that I have to get done RIGHT THEN…paying bills, signing a permission slip, homework, a huge paper, studying for a big test, cooking dinner, car inspections…you name it and I do it last minute.

Some may see this as a flaw but I have grown to think that maybe, just maybe, it means that I do really well under pressure! Maybe I should be an ER nurse, or something. Who knows. But what I do know is that right now, I have 5.5 hours to write a 6-page paper on some great literature written by women. Naturally, instead of writing said paper, I am writing this blog post that probably doesn’t even make any sense.

Wish me luck.

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